Xceleron U.S. Headquarters

Xceleron U.S. Headquarters provides bioanalyitical services for accelerated early drug development. The owner is a biotech company specifically looking to sell their cutting edge analytical process to Pharmaceutical groups seeking FDA approvals. Their approach utilizes an Accelerator Mass Spectrometer (AMS) to analyze these pharmaceutical “products in development” in a very cost and time effective manner.

The importance of the AMS is the essence of this laboratory’s spatial organization and circulation. The strategic sequencing of rooms allows the AMS to serve as an educational tool for the owner when meeting with potential investors and clients.

Our new Chairman of the Board of Directors has just visited the facility for the first time since it was completed and was impressed with everything he saw – he summarized it as a splendid hi‐tech facility.

June Garner, Vice President, Quality/Operations ‐ Xceleron, LTD