Interior/Space Planning

For decades, DNC Architects partnered with consultants to provide the majority of Interior Design and Space Planning Services.  Since the 1990’s, those Services have been provided in buildings designed by DNC and those designed by others for the clients.

Interior Design

DNC Architects have been successfully providing Interior Design Services for years.  The services range from simple space planning and finish selections to more comprehensive effort, including: programming, inventory, space planning, interior architecture design, furniture selection and specification, documentation and installation oversight services.

Blocking Plans
Finish Selection
Furniture Design/Specification

Space Planning
Interior Architecture
Built-in Furniture Detailing

Tenant Development Services

Tenant Development Services are very distinct and separate from Interior Design Services.  In tenant development,  DNC Architects serve as a part of marketing effort assisting the Developer or Broker and demonstrating how a particular building best meets each tenant’s requirements.  Clear efficient space plans and the timely production of documents are critical to help lease the space in a building.

Space Planning
Design-Intent Notations

BOMA Calculations
Permit Expediting

Facility Management

Many Corporate Users and Developers want to outsource the maintenance of the files for the space, the interior systems, or even sometimes the furniture; however, most have found that there is a delicate balancing act between trying to maintain and monitor too much information.  DNC Architects have successfully assisted clients with a range of Facility Management Services.

File Maintenance
Furniture Documents

Interior Improvement Documents
Charge-Back Tabulations