Getting Started/Pre-Design

DNC has assisted sophisticated developers and corporate users who know what they want and how to get there. Likewise, DNC also assists those clients for whom this might be their first and only building or fit-up project, and services provided are matched to each client’s unique requirements.

DNC believes the pre-design effort is critical to a project’s success. Without it, the risk is a false start.


Evaluation is performed to study and evaluate client’s site or building to determine the essence of what exists, and what is viable to be done.  Depending on the client’s objectives, this could be as quick as a few hours drive-by or walk-through analysis or a detailed study involving multiple consultants and in-depth survey.

Site Evaluations
Energy Audits

Building Evaluations
Highest & Best Use Studies


Programming is performed to ascertain what client’s needs are for a particular facility. These efforts might be to establish the exact space and facility requirements for a particular operation; or it might involve the determination of the current needs, projecting growth and then establishing the space requirements for a flexible work environment that meets the operational necessities in a facility, but that generically still works as “Investment Quality Real Estate”.

Space Programs   
Inventory of Equipment & Furniture

Functional Relationship Diagrams
Operational Flow Diagrams

Support Services

Support Services centered on our client’s needs, making use of in-house capabilities and other team members involved, we can custom and provide a number of services to assist in getting a project started on the right foot.

Project Management
Overall Project Scheduling
Entitlement Support

Strategic Planning
Concept Design / Cost Range Estimates

Team Development

In over 50 years business, we have worked on a wide range of projects, so we have a good idea of how to get from where-ever we are asked to start to a point a client knows they have a successful project.  We have established a wide network of consultants, contractors, vendors, project managers, brokers, developers, and financial partners that can meet a particular project’s requirement.  Delivery methods include:


Highest Value Solicitations