RCP Washingtonian

Washingtonian is located at Rio Center in Gaithersburg, MD. It is a four-story office building located above a Terrace Level that is leased to The Peterson Companies as retail space.  There is a mezzanine between the Retail Terrace Level and the first full Office Floor that is used for the main lobby and to get the exit stairs out of the building without disrupting the retail space. Improvements at this mezzanine level included egress from two fire stairs and the main building lobby.

James G. Davis Construction Corporation (DAVIS) was the General Contractor for the project, as they were for the eight buildings we designed for Realty Capital Partners.

DNC’s style makes our life easy. We have confidence that DNC can take care of any problem that comes up. DNC’s strong niche is in guiding the “Client who needs help”. 

John Kenney, Realty Capital Partners