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Jef Fuller, Managing Principal

A graduate of the University of Virginia, Jef started at DNC as an office boy after graduation and, over the intervening years, has undertaken most all tasks the firm has performed. When not working, Jef typically can be found outdoors, working or hiking, sailing, skiing, biking, kayaking either at his house in Brookeville or at his Camp in the Adirondacks. His sustainable commitment is personal, as both properties are close to carbon neutral, with geothermal heat-pumps and photovoltaic arrays.

Jef is a dad to Louisa & Ella.


Tony Than, Manager of Architecture

Tony-webTony brings to each project a thorough understanding of architecture and construction, as well as extensive background in technical aspects of computer aided design and drafting. Tony’s areas of expertise involve architectural design, master planning, programming, construction design and detailing, and final coordination. His professional experience involves varied projects including high technology, retail, health care, and commercial office buildings.

Tony holds a professional Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the Howard University.


 Sheena Gozon, Designer Profile photo of Sheena Gozon

Sheena begun her career as an Interior Architect in the Philipines, where they worked a widew range of project types and sizes, from residential (hotels, single-family houses and condominiuns), to clinic, from airport lobbies to a furniture and lighting design and detailing. Her varied experience and design approach uniquely position her to approach every project with a holistic view of the big picture and a particular sensitivity towards the client’s goal. From a design perspective, Sheena believes that every design is unique, and that each will require its own different approach. Each must be an extension of own’s vision branding and that beauty and function are subjective to every user.




Monica Delegredo, Comptroller

profile imageMonica Barros got her psychology degree in Brazil and came to the US in 2005. She started working at DNC as a receptionist in 2007. By that time, Margaret Daley was planning to retire and chose Monica to replace her. “Mother Margaret” trained Monica in all aspects for the comptroller position, nurturing love to DNC Family that only grew over the years. Monica performs various admin duties as well. Like most Brazilians, Monica is willing to do what it takes to get the job done, never forgetting to have some fun in the process.