High-Tech projects include facilities to accommodate the hybrid spaces that typically are involved in R&D.  These spaces and buildings frequently need to have components of an office environment coupled with some engineering or R&D space and maybe even some manufacturing, assembly, storage and shipping type operations.

Data centers tend to fall into this category as well, and might be coupled with another function or a purely free-standing facility.

Frequently, whether talking of electronic or bio-medical laboratory, there are several similar criteria to focus on: security (as most of the work is cutting-edge), intensive mechanical/electrical systems to support (and potentially back-up), ongoing operations and controlled environments (single pass air, tighter than normal temperature, humidity controls and clean rooms), which all require strict commissioning standards.

Our projects have ranged from 15,000 SF shell flex buildings to 110,000 SF bio-tech R&D and manufacturing facilities to 500,000 SF secure and shielded data centers.

Electronic Engineering
Shipping & Receiving
Assembly Areas

Flex Buildings
GMP or BMP Faculties
Data Centers