Commercial projects are facilities that support the Business World, they have been the predominant project type of DNC’s practice.  As technology has changed the way we work, it has also shaped the spaces we work in and the approach to the buildings where work space is housed.  Today’s office spaces are more and more frequently customized to actual tasks and, in particular, to provide collaborative areas where highest value activities frequently occur.

Our portfolio includes a large number of individual and corporate users, but even more developers who are looking to offer competitive space. Over the years, we have seen how the expense of single-purpose buildings typically draws both sides, developers and tenants, towards what is considered “investment quality buildings”.

Our projects have ranged from smaller 1,500 SF tenant fit-up projects to 720,000 SF headquarters office complexes.

General Offices
Financial Office
Medical Office
Headquarter Offices
Credit Unions

Health Care
Tenant Development
Trade Associations
Training Centers